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Desert Solitaire: a Season in the Wilderness

The author of the book Desert Solitaire, Edward Abbey, talked frequently throughout the book about the beauty of nature and ways that human beings are destroying the natural beauty of the world we live in. The way abbey views nature is in a way that is best experienced by actually being out in nature, taking a hike, horseback riding, or bicycling. He believes that people who use the luxury of their cars on camping trip will not get to experience everything that nature has to offer. Abbey sees the beauty of the natural world in a way that most human beings are unable to because they do not spend time exploring nature.From the very beginning of the book Abbey shows his love for nature and all his creatures when he befriends and gopher snake. Or when he was is in awe of the old moon-eyed horse’s wild manner, independence, and beauty. To stand by his love for nature he says â€Å"I prefer not to kill animals. I’m a humanist; I’d rather kill a man than a snake. † (pg. 20) Abbey believes that humans are destroying the beauty and wonder of nature and he is upset when he finds out they are planning to build a major road through Arches National Park.Abbey believes industrial tourism is becoming a bigger problem to all national parks. In abbey’s opinion he thinks motor vehicles should be prohibited on the grounds of any national monument. â€Å" we have agreed not to drive our automobiles into cathedrals, to concert halls, art museums†¦we should treat our national parks with the same deference, for they, too, are holy places† (pg. 65). Abbey believes that the only way to truly experience the beauty of nature is to walk through, bike ride through, or horseback ride through.As said before abbey is a humanist and has not sympathy for the elderly who travel to national parks for vacations, he says they â€Å"had the opportunity to see the country when it was still relatively unspoiled† (pg. 67). He also has no sympathy fo r children who are â€Å"too small to ride bicycles and too heavy to be borne on their parents’ backs. † (pg. 67) Abbey is able to see nature in a way that most people cannot. Most humans tend to overlook the little things, but abbey will see the beauty in it.Many people think rocks are dirty and ugly but abbey finds beauty in just their names, â€Å"the very names lovely – chalcedony, carnelian, jasper†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (pg. 74). While looking at the Delicate Arch most people would see it as just a big arch made out of rocks. But to abbey it is so much more than that. He compares it to â€Å"eroded remnant of a sandstone fin, a giant engagement ring cemented in rock, a bow legged pair of petrified cowboy chaps†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (pg. 44). Some people who view the Delicate Arch will find God while exploring, others will â€Å"†¦see only Lyell and the uniformity of nature† (pg. 5). To abbey the Delicate Arch and other objects of nature â€Å"remind us that out there is a different world, older and greater and deeper by far than ours†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (pg. 45) Even though nature is beautiful, calm, and serene it also has another side that is harsh, violent, and cruel. Abbey experiences this side of nature with blazing heat, sand storms, and a flash flood.When he find a dead tourist underneath a tree, which shows just how cruel the desert can be. But according to abbey the man was fortunate to have died the way he did, he envies him. To die in the open under the sky†¦before this desert vastness opening like a window onto eternity – surely that was an overwhelming stroke of rare good luck† (pg. 267). For abbey to envy the man for dying that way is another example of his love for nature. Most people would look at that situation as sad and unfortunate, but abbey sees the beauty and peace in it. Abbey also experiences the cruelness of nature when he himself is forced to spend the night alone in Havasu. Mother Nature can be a v ery cruel and evil woman who does not have sympathy for anyone.If a person is unfortunate enough to see this side of Mother Nature it can only lead to a sad ending. â€Å"Fatal. Death by starvation, slow and tedious. † (pg. 253) While most people have comes to enjoy the luxury and comfort of an industrialized society, Abbey has chosen to live the life opposite of luxurious and easy. He would rather rough it out in the desert than big in an air conditioned office. Abbey has experienced nature in a way most people will never have the opportunity to. He sees the world for what it was mean to be, all nature, nothing else.

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Marketing Plan Garmin - 1132 Words

Garmin will position itself as the premier Global Positioning System (GPS) Company. Garmin will achieve this position by incorporating new technology 3.5 Positioning that its competition does not possess. The GPS device will be marketed to Businesses, insurance companies, and for personal use. Garmin will be delivering a superior product which will benefit their customers in their daily activities. Garmin is the best source for selection and price of GPS technology equipment and services. Customers will be impressed with, and return for, the great existing and new technology being incorporated into the devices, value-oriented pricing, quality, ease of use, and excellent customer service. With the unstable economy and†¦show more content†¦It s a large strategic move for us at this point. One of the founding principles at Garmin is to service multiple markets and benefit from the synergy of staying in different markets with common technologies. Pricing of the new Garmin will be based on a per-product retail price. Since, Garmin will be the only GPS Company with this new technology Garmin’s goal price will be slightly higher But not more than 5% above its competitor’s price without this technology. This will ensure competitive pricing with technology advantage. This pricing strategy is based on the value to the customers compared to other closely related products. Looking at current pricing, of the Garmin nuvi 3597LMTHD at $349.99, then the new product line will start around $379.99. Distribution will include direct to customers from on line sales and retailers. Garmin deals with a number of distributors to sell its products. Much of Garmin’s sales come from networking with retailers such as Best Buy, Target, Wal-Mart, Sears, and Costco. Garmin also has a wide range of strategic alliances with on line distributors such as Advertising and promotions will be driven through their in house advertising agency. Garmin will also use its distributors as a strategic competitive advantage in marketing by using its distributors as an indirectShow MoreRelatedMarketing Pl The Garmin Approach797 Words   |  4 PagesMarketing Plan Overview The Garmin Approach series of products has created a name for Garmin in the golf community. The traditional golf GPS delivers distanced to the front back and center of the green. Lower handicap golfers are looking to get precise distances directly to the flagstick at any one of the different pin positions. To break into the golf LRF market we need to do more than just make a â€Å"me too† product. We need to combine our GPS and golf course cartography with a LRF to offer a newRead MoreThe At The Human Rights Of The Business1252 Words   |  6 PagesThe next initiative for Garmin in regards to corporate sustainability would be look at the human rights of the business. Garmin believe that protecting human rights is the ethical and responsible way to do business. They offer each of their employees the dignity, freedom, respect and acceptance that they deserve. Over the past ten year Garmin has grown drastically and this has resulted in an updated code of conduct and also l abor practices. This portion of sustainability provide employees withRead MoreAnalysis Of Garmin And Black Diamond5606 Words   |  23 PagesGarmin Stick I. Introduction The product we were trying to produce had to be innovative, user friendly and affordable. This meant that the name of our GPS guided walking canes should echo our image as a brand and shine light onto our roots. When we decided that the organizations which are going to come together to form this product we chose Garmin and Black Diamond. A product name which resembles our brand name (Garmin) and the product itself (Walking poles and canes) had to be used. Hence Garmin-StickRead MoreMarketing Plan For A Marketing Strategy1241 Words   |  5 Pagesathlete endorsers Viral Marketing Innovation Products Durability Weaknesses Specific products Expensive accessories and products Increased competition No flash Opportunity Global market is increasing Content delivery technologies Media hosting Viral marketing Threats Hardware company competition (Sony) Media company competition (Facebook) Note. The GoPro SWOT assessment of external and internal environmental elements. 5.0 Marketing Strategy and Goals The goal of this marketing plan is to leverage existingRead MoreDemand Based Pricing Strategy Is Important For A Company Like Fitbit927 Words   |  4 Pagesmarket is still a relatively new market and is evolving quickly. Demand-based pricing has several subcategories in order to find the correct value of a product based on customer demand. Two of these subcategories would be beneficial to Fitbit’s marketing plan. The first is psychological pricing (Boundless, 2015). Fitbit could do surveys by explaining the capabilities of the product and then asking the customers what they would pay for the product. The second part of the strategy would be to implementRead MoreEssay on GARMIN2755 Words   |  12 Pagesï » ¿CONTENT 1. Introduction 2. Garmin Forerunner 610 3. Marketing Objectives 4. Target Market 5. Psychographic Segmentation / Behavioral Segmentation 6. Positioning the Product Read MoreTom Tom Marketing Strategy3294 Words   |  14 Pagescivilian use in mid 80ies has commenced its commercial use by removing selective signal availability in 2000. In early 90ies there were already several pioneer companies (Garmin, TomTom) setting up new technology companies developing GPS receiver devices. Since then market has grown to estimated $8.2 billions worldwide in 2009 (Garmin) and is still considered as a market with great potential. Considering the aimed usage, target customers market can be divided into three major segments: †¢ Military †¢Read MoreSonic is about to enter a mature and highly competitive PDA market. Founded eighteen months ago,700 Words   |  3 Pagesvoice recognition hands free operation (Kotler Keller, 2009, p. A5). A marketing consultant group has been secured by Sonic to analyze its current marketing plan. In this paper, the task of marketing this product effectively will be analyzed by segmenting what markets are open to Sonic’s brand awareness, targeting the markets for product consumption and repositioning Sonic’s marketing strategy for meeting consumer and marketing goals. According to the Nielson 2010 Media Industry Facts, â€Å"223 millionRead MoreThe Internet And Global Positioning System1555 Words   |  7 Pagesmobile operating system. At the same time Apple was in the same race and competing to seize the smartphone market. Bragging about design and retail marketing, Apple established their name in the mobile market. Google was locked in battle with one of the world’s largest companies. However, although Apple had an advantage over design and retail marketing, Google had a completive advantage in information. In 2008 Google released Google Maps for mobile and it featured a GPS navigation. This was a criticalRead MoreMarketing Plan for Mountain Equipment907 Words   |  4 PagesMarketing Paper The author of this assignment is asked to provide four major components. The first is to come up with a new product line that is not already in the Mountain Equipment product array. The second is to describe the target market for this new product line. The third is to identify two competitors for the new products and to flesh out how MEC will provide a better option than those other competitors and the last one will be a brief marketing plan for how MEC might launch the new product

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Essay on Management and Academic Integrity Policy

NORTHCENTRAL UNIVERSITY FOUNDATIONS FEEDBACK SHEET Activity 3 Dear Student, Please use this document to submit Activity 3. You can simply start typing in the first blank page (recommended) or paste in text from another document into the first blank page. Please save this file as: Your last name, first initial, e.g., BTM7101 -3 (DoeJBTM7101-3). Please save a copy of this file for yourself. Academic Integrity: Please see and follow the Academic Integrity Policy in the Learner portal. Main Task: Compare Two Chapters, Adhering to the Northcentral Academic Integrity Policy For this activity, read the two chapters listed in the Activity Resource section (Krames,J. A. (2003) Chapters 2 5). Each chapter relates to a†¦show more content†¦Below | |No instances of plagiarism (as shown by text-matching service report) | | 2. Are statements about all readings and resources accurate? 3. Is the writing clear and persuasive? 4. Is the writing correct in punctuation, grammar, word usage, and APA style? Grade and rationale. Grade is based on the following that maps onto the Northcentral rubrics as follows: 70% Content 1. Completion of the activity as instructed 2. Understanding of activity resources 3. Clarity and persuasiveness of writing 30% Presentation 4. Grammar, word usage and APA style Chapter two (Krames, 2003) depicts the values, journey and leadership style of Michael Dell. Michael Dell is the founder and CEO of Dell, Inc. According to the author, Michael had an entrepreneurial gene in him since the childhood. He started his first business Dell Stamps when he was 12. Michael started his revolutionary journey of Dell Computer Corporation when he was 19 year old. He was the youngest CEO of a Fortune 500 company at the age of 27. As Krames describes, even though the intent was not to revolutionize, the mass customization and the providing competitive price to customer by eliminating the middleman, changed the landscape of computer business. Consumers, forShow MoreRelatedPlagiarism Is Not The Right Way903 Words   |  4 Pagesfailure, poor time management skills and lack of interest are only a few of many reasons that students choose to plagiarize (Harris). The Northern Arizona University requires all students to follow an academic integrity policy (Academic Integrity Policy.). Which requires all students to be honest in all types of studies involving academic life (Academic Integrity Policy.)Those who plagiarize, at Northern Arizona University are not adhering to the academic integrity policy. Personally I thinkRead MoreInternal and External Factors Affecting Performance Management649 Words   |  3 PagesInternal and External Factors: The four functions of management across every organization include organizing, planning, controlling, and leading. In order for an organization to be effective and successful in the ever-changing business world, these four functions of management are necessary. However, the performance of these functions in any organization is usually affected by both internal and external factors. While examples of internal factors include diversity, ethics, and innovation, externalRead MoreAction Plan and Annotated Bibliography on Maintaining Academic Honesty1390 Words   |  6 PagesAction plan: maintaining academic honesty Academic dishonesty is a serious issue for anyone regardless of the discipline they are pursuing or the contextual factors. It undermines the quality of the end product such as the services that the person engaging in academic dishonesty will provide in the future. It also beats the purpose of going through academic institutions that provide facilities and facilitators in the education process. Academic dishonesty is, therefore, wrong in all forms and isRead MoreBusiness Ethics : Ethical And Ethical Issues1360 Words   |  6 Pagesentire organizations.† The particulars and specifics of the codes and standards mentioned may vary from organization to organization. They can differ from one organization to another because of differences in the management structure, cultural opinions and backgrounds, operational management, organizational behavior, strategic orientations and chain of command and operational structures and levels. Business ethics can be both written and unwritten codes of standards that are very vital to the organizationRead MoreBUS 170 Syllabus1472 Words   |  6 PagesBUS 122A, ECON 1A, ECON 1B and BUS 90 Course Description The finance function and its relation to other decision-making areas in the firm; the study of theory and techniques in acquisition and allocation of financial resources from an internal management perspective. Course Goals and Student Learning Objectives Demonstrate an understanding of the role of Finance in a corporation, with emphasis on the theory and tools that are used to help company leaders make sound financial decisions. Learn howRead MoreEvaluating Rasmussen s Policies Of Academic Integrity772 Words   |  4 PagesWhen reviewing Rasmussen’s policies of academic integrity, the first very important step is to ensure that each student is informed as well as equipped to take on the assignments that are asked of them. As the instructor, it is important to continually make sure expectations are placed before the students in a clear, understandable, and attainable manner. Additionally, that resources are made available to help them meet these expectations. The initial gut reaction to the quality of Bridget’s assignmentsRead MoreMis Quiz1186 Words   |  5 PagesCollege of Business Administration Course Syllabus Winter 2013 ------------------------------------------------- Course Name: Management Information Systems Course Number: MIS200 51 ------------------------------------------------- Course Pre-requisites: ITE100, ENG105 Credit hours: 3 ------------------------------------------------- Instructor’s Name: Dr. Mehmood Khan Telephone: 02 – 501 5346 ------------------------------------------------- E-mail: MoreEthics in Education1245 Words   |  5 Pages A definition of ethics. B. How are ethics used in education? II. Integrity is part of ethics in education. A. A definition of integrity. B. Trust relationship is essential in ethics in education. C. Academic integrity is a mutual responsibility. D. There is cheating and academic responsibility within the education system. E. Phony schools, diploma mills and false credentials are a breach of integrity. F. Integrity is important with citizenship, gratitude, fairness and courage. III.Read MoreThe Digital Age And The Age Of Information Technology1615 Words   |  7 Pagesthe time. The implementation of this program will also help to strengthen students’ performance character, what Thomas Lickona and Matthew Davidson define â€Å"as the qualities necessary to achieve one’s potential in endeavors ranging from art to academics to athletics† (2005, p.2 as cited in Sieder, 2012). Devices allow students to taking charge of their learning by using them to determine what they learn and how they learn it, in doing so, students must show initiative. Certain applications, particularlyRead MoreAcademic Integrity : Types Of Academic Dishonesty And Prevention Methods1743 Words   |  7 Pages Academic Integrity: Types of academic dishonesty and prevention methods Chetan Muppaneni Webster University Academic Integrity: Types of academic dishonesty and prevention methods Abstract This paper discusses the different types of academic dishonesty and the prevention measures that are taken to maintain academic integrity. The need of following the codes/rules of the institutions and to promote the academic integrity is mainly on the students and the faculty. The paper discusses

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Impact of IT on Airlines Industry for Airways - MyAssignmenthelp

Question: Discuss about theImpact of IT on Airlines Industry for British Airways. Answer: Introduction As we are going to discuss about impact of IT on business of Airlines Industry, so here the selected business company is British Airways that is one of the top airlines companies. British Airways is a large airline and global airline in the United Kingdom. A million of passengers are carried by this airline every year. The turnover of this company was m 11,333 in 2015 and it is increasing now. There are various competitors of British Airways that put influence over revenue of this airlines. British Airways deals with Information Technology for a perfect management of passengers, flights, baggage, ticket bookings, seat bookings and cost of flights according to different classes. It is very difficult and cumbersome to manage these big activities manually. Therefore, IT applications are beneficial to use for handling this type of complex business operations. Discussion In this segment, we will emphasize on actual need of IT for business of British Airways and what kind of benefits and challenges will be provided by IT to BA. Does Business of British Airways need IT? Yes, business of British Airways need IT. As we have already discussed above that there are various operations of British Airways that cannot be managed manually and will take time to complete. In this case, Information Technology has capability to perform these operations in appropriate ways and accurate outcomes can be generated in less time. According to analysis, it is found that after investment in IT sector, this airlines has got 20% increment in profit. Due to a solid information system, British Airways is managing its airlines service in appropriate ways. It is sake of information technology that customers of British Airways are using its services easily. Besides this, cost of IT applications is also less that are used for online ticket booking, seat reservation and for other services by customers, so for BA there will be no issue to arrange very big budget for IT services. The high level security is also provided by IT applications for companys confidential information which is required by every business organization. Importance of IT for Business Survival of British Airways The main thing of information technology in business of British Airways is rising profit of company with 20% (ITC Infotech, 2017). According to Chief Information Officer of British Airways Paul Coby, the technology is used by British Airways to drive the rearrangement of business processes, to cut down heavy costs and removing complexity of business processes. Besides this, to transform short haul flight businesses IT strategy also provides help to BA (vivianmeril, 2017). In UK, the competition level of airlines industry is increasing day by day. To survive in this competitive market, IT applications are required to use by British Airways. As we know that customer support and satisfaction is important for every business organization and in airline industry it has become a major issue to survive. British Airways Company also needs to focus on this problem. The latest technologies of IT are helpful to resolve this problem and BA can use these technologies to provide higher level of customer satisfaction and to survive in business (Czerny and Zhang, 2014). The resource management technique plays an important role in management of British Airlines business. BA is a largest airlines in United Kingdom, so it is difficult to manage each resource here properly. In this case, IT plays an important role to automate the complex issues such as finance and human resources and tangible goods of British Airways. Cloud based solutions and internet are also helpful fo r software engineers of BA to introduce cloud based enterprise solutions to manage business resources properly. Requirement to Apply IT for British Airways To get desired outcomes from information technology, it is necessary to fulfill its all key requirements by British Airways. There are some essential requirements of IT to apply it into business of British Airways (Eun-Song Bae and Daecheol Kim, 2014). First of all, to implement a new IT application into business, BA has to hire skilled and experienced workers who have sound knowledge in information technology. The IT application that will be used in British Airways will not be easy that is why experienced and qualified personnel are required for this purpose. The new implemented technology will be used by all employees of British Airways, therefore, every employee who will work with new IT application that should have knowledge about handling of automatic system that can help to solve critical problems such as decision making etc. It is also necessary for British Airways to use a system that is capable to handle IT software solutions that are used for ticketing system. (Tracy, 2017) . How British Airways uses IT? Information Technology is considered a central part of airline business. The main goals of IT is to achieve objectives of appropriate communication with passengers, to enhance reliability of booking system of BA and to store passengers information in secured way. Due to usage of appropriate software solutions of IT by British Airways, this airlines is highly preferred as compare to other airlines companies (Arjomandi and Seufert, 2014). The latest smart phone technologies such as android, iPhone and windows applications are useful to access scheduling and rescheduling of flights. It has become easier for passengers to book and cancel tickets by using smartphones (ComputerWeekly, 2017). To get latest updates about airline industry, information technology is also considered so much helpful. Another essential way in which IT is used in British Airways is automation (Escobari, 2017). The latest software solution that is used in British Airways has potential to communicate with flights an d to update the latest data for security purpose. Benefits and Advantages of Information Technology Information Technology has provided various benefits to British Airways and one of those benefits is the scope of analyze the specific data regarding the business and to plan business accordingly. Besides this, various important tools are provided by Information Technology that will be helpful to solve complicated problems and to make the plan for scalability of British Airways. The implementation of concept of online ticket booking by local and remote customers of British Airways by IT solution, is a key benefit of using of IT in BA. This process is known as digitalized marketing. The modern modes to communicate with customers online such as emails, messages, calling etc. helps BA to attract more customers towards its business. Besides this, the usage of cloud platform of IT helps BA to store huge amount of information of passengers into cloud database that is easier to access from anywhere in the world (, 2017). Risks of IT for British Airways Business Besides benefits of IT in British Airways, there are also some risk factors exist that encounter by this airlines. The failure of hardware and software components is considered most vulnerable risk. Abnormal shutdown of systems and damage of server are common problems that can be encountered by British Airways (Google Books, 2017). This may cause great problems for British Airways and for its passengers due to heavy loss of information from database. The database of BA consists of personal information of customers and their payment information and due to hardware or software damage whole information can be lost. Other issue is of security and privacy issue of internet that is violated by hacking and phishing attacks of hackers (Harvard Business Review, 2017). It is necessary for British Airways to be careful about these issues while using IT applications (Escobari and Jindapon, 2014). How British Airways can Maintain and Monitor IT? The maintenance and monitoring of IT is important for British Airways. There are several technologies that are used by airlines industry to maintain IT and British Airways should also use those technologies. Firstly it is necessary for management of BA to focus on overall infrastructure of company. The experienced and responsible employees of BA should be organized to monitor the systems of Information Technology. Besides this, advanced and intelligent system monitoring tools should be used by BA to identify bugs and errors into system and to produce accurate results. In this way, IT can be maintained and monitoring into British Airways. Conclusion As we can see that how a large airlines company British Airways has influence of Information Technology. There are various benefits are provided by IT to British Airways, but some risk factors are also included in it regarding security, privacy and system violation that must be controlled at developers end and British Airlines should also be careful about these issues. References ComputerWeekly. (2017). British Airways cites IT investment as key factor in 20% profit increase. [online] Available at: [Accessed 30 May 2017]. vivianmeril (2017). Introduction to Airline Industry. [online] Available at: [Accessed 30 May 2017]. Escobari, D. and Jindapon, P. (2014). Price discrimination through refund contracts in airlines. International Journal of Industrial Organization, 34, pp.1-8. ITC Infotech. (2017). Airlines IT Solutions - Airline Industry Consulting Service | ITC Infotech. [online] Available at: [Accessed 30 May 2017]. Tracy, C. (2017). Top 10 Largest Airlines in the World - Tharawat Magazine. [online] Tharawat Magazine. Available at: [Accessed 30 May 2017]. Arjomandi, A. and Seufert, J. (2014). An evaluation of the world's major airlines' technical and environmental performance. Economic Modelling, 41, pp.133-144. Czerny, A. and Zhang, A. (2014). Airport congestion pricing when airlines price discriminate. Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, 65, pp.77-89. Escobari, D. (2017). Estimating Dynamic Demand for Airlines. SSRN Electronic Journal. (2017). London airports mayhem: British Airways blames Indian IT services. [online] Available at: [Accessed 30 May 2017]. Harvard Business Review. (2017). Competing on Customer Service: An Interview with British Airways Sir Colin Marshall. [online] Available at: [Accessed 30 May 2017]. Eun-Song Bae and Daecheol Kim (2014). Service Quality Improvement for Airlines by Utilizing QFD and Fuzzy Theory. Productivity Review, 28(1), pp.75-98. Google Books. (2017). INTRODUCTION TO INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, 2ND ED (With CD ). [online] Available at: [Accessed 30 May 2017].

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Reemy Reem Anth. 307 Essays - Navajo, Pawnee People, Choctaw

Reemy Reem Anth. 307 The Roots of Dependency 1. The Navajos, Pawnees, and Choctaws all had to endure European, political, economical, and environmental threats to their own culture. When the life and subsistence system (hunting and gathering) of an Indian Nation is affected; in one way or another it has an affect on an Indian population as a hole. The trials and tribulations that these three tribal nations have experienced is proof of that. Gradually the Indian community would go through a period of destruction and enormous amounts of prejudice that consequently would be the North American Indian's downfall. The reliability of the Navajos to the government to maintain their everyday Navajo culture was prevalent due to the despicable attitudes and influence of Europeans. "By 1945 the government had transformed the Navajo economy.....They were no longer self-supporting people (White, 310)." Navajo dependency would point the finger at the reduction of resources as the cause of the problem. Resources such as the issuing of grazing permits, stockowners being forced below subsistence, and one-half of the Navajos corn crop were just a few of the reductions the government demanded. Fortunately Navajos rejected commercial economical values during the early 1900s, which prolonged their independence. Once the government gave the Navajos the power to "revise the existing regulations" to meet their objections, "it (government) retained the right to veto any objectionable provisions the Navajos might insert in the regulations (White, 309-310)." Once this occurred non-Indians could hold on to adequate resources. The Navajo population was doubling and the resources were dwindling just as fast. The loss of subsistence land would be the biggest change of the North American Indians. Take for example the Choctaws. European diseases, the slave trade, and racially motivated influences forced the Choctaws westward, leaving behind them a reformed land of "impoverishment." They regulated land and what was on the land. They fought European disease and avoided a social collapse of the Choctaw, until the market became an issue. Anything from knives and guns to agriculture was considered the market. Trade and market meant for the Choctaws to be dependent on anyone but themselves. Land sales were forced. The Choctaws land and labor gradually took the back seat. The Choctaws were never defeated; "instead, through the market the Choctaws were made dependent and dispossessed (White, 146)." The Pawnee independency was much more subsistent than the Choctaws and Navajos. "The increasing poverty of the Pawnees as their subsistence base failed and made them dependant on American annuities (White, 209)." The Pawnees original dependence on goods that are redistributed within the society now was dependent on American goods outside their community. How did the Pawnee get to this point? Disease, subsistence failure, and cultural breakdown were the major factors. The death rates of the Pawnee were so preposterous in such a short amount of time that disease couldn't be the only factor. The biggest factor other than disease was simply the "will to live (White, 205)." The Pawnees like the Choctaws fought the slave trade and refused American ways. Ways such as the depending on crops raised by the Pawnee. The Pawnee disagreed. Since agriculture the Pawnee tended to become more and more unreliable than what would be a healthy lifestyle. Their eating habits became malnourished; therefor e when disease did come there was no chance for the Pawnee Indian to fight it, much less survive. "Deprived of hunting lands, sporadically horseless, often hungry, the Pawnee were literally fighting for the lives (White, 207)." Pawnee population never recovers from the "disastrous mix" of American ways and politics. All three tribal nations, the Choctaw, Pawnee, and Navajo share the unique religious aspect of having symbolic cultures. All these Indians shaped their environments. Once the white man came and made contact with each and every tribal nation, nothing would stop the depletion of game, the growth of the market, and chaos in the government towards Indian Nations. Towards the end Richard White discusses a very good point about decision-making. The Choctaw, Pawnee and Navajo all made decisions in altering traditional economic and cultural ways clearly caused by those actions of whites. Indians needed a way to reform from these costly decisions influenced by whites. One way for reform was modernization. Being able to

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Australias Involvement in the Vietnam War essays

Australia's Involvement in the Vietnam War essays The origins of the Vietnam War lie in the post World War II period when the European empires were being dismantled. The region which is now Vietnam was then part of Indo-China, part of the French empire. Revolutionary leader Ho Chi Minh had led a national liberation struggle against wartime Japanese occupation (and the French colonialists) from 1941. With military and financial support from communist China, the Viet Minh made substantial gains, roundly defeating the French at Dien Bien Phu in 1954. Vietnam temporarily partitioned into North and South pending the outcome of peace talks. The peace talks broke down, but the struggle continued. The United States had been involved from the beginning, providing military advisors and financial assistance from the end of World War II. By 1954 they were paying for 80% of the cost of the French effort. American involvement was formalised and strengthened. Following the Gulf of Tonkin incident when US destroyers were fired upon by North Korean patrol boats, Congress authorised President Johnson to use all necessary measures to repel any armed attack on 7 August 1964. This resulted in increased bombing raids and, more significantly, an expansion of ground forces, from 23 000 in December 1964, to 316 400 by October 1966. Australias involvement began in 1962 when, in response to a request from the government of South Vietnam, Australia sent 30 military advisers to train and improve the effectiveness of South Vietnams Army. By 1965 this had been increased to 100 advisors plus six transport aircraft. That year, after a further request from the South Vietnamese Government, Prime Minister Robert Menzies decided to send a battalion of ground troops to provide support in South Vietnam. According to Menzies statement of April 29 1965, The takeover of South Vietnam would be a direct military threat to Australia and to all the countries of South and South-Eas...